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Professional Team

中原測量師行 董事總經理 黎堅輝先生 | ​專業顧問團隊

Victor K.F. Lai


Managing Director

Mr. Lai has over 35 years of experience in China and Hong Kong property valuation and advisory and agency services. In 1984, he joined Richard Ellis Limited (now known as CB Richard Ellis Limited) and was mainly responsible for carrying out development appraisal, feasibility studies and sensitivity analysis of China and Hong Kong property development. Mr. Lai has gained extensive experience in investment properties and property valuation.


Mr. Lai has joined Centaline Property Agency Limited since 1997 and was responsible for sales and marketing, tenancy management and positioning (marketing). Subsequently, Mr. Lai is appointed as the Managing Director of Centaline Surveyors Limited. Centaline Surveyors Limited offers a comprehensive range of real estate services including different types of property valuation, market research and development consultancy, real estate investment consultancy and marketing agency , etc in both Hong Kong and China.


Mr. Lai is then appointed as CEO in Centaline Professional Service and is responsible to manage various subsidiary companies under The Centaline Group in relation to their business development and operation, including Centaline Mortgage Broker Limited, Centaline Surveyors Limited, Ricacorp Mortgage Agency Limited and Convergent Property Services Limited, etc.

中原測量師行 執行董事 張競達先生 | ​專業顧問團隊

James K.T. Cheung


Executive Director

Mr. Cheung has over 30 years of experience in the field of property management and valuation in Hong Kong. In 1991, he joined Harbour City Management Limited, a subsidiary of The Wharf (Holdings) Limited, and was responsible for the management of one of the largest shopping centres in Hong Kong namely Harbour City.


In 1993, Mr. Cheung joined Centaline Property Consultants Limited (the former company of Centaline Surveyors Limited) and was responsible for various valuation tasks. Currently, Mr. Cheung is the Executive Director of Centaline Surveyors Limited and is in charge of the Valuation Department.

中原測量師行 董事 林惠儀小姐 | ​專業顧問團隊

Pamela W.I. Lam



Ms. Lam has over 20 years post-qualification experience in property consultancy in Hong Kong. She has gained her professional experience since 1996 and was actively participated in a wide spectrum of property valuations for different purposes, premium assessments of Home Ownership Scheme/Private Sector Participation Scheme developments for Hong Kong Housing Authority. Apart from valuations, she also involved in Short Term Tenancy appeals, rating appeals, land resumptions and land matter tasks.


Ms. Lam currently is the Director of Valuation Department in Centaline Surveyors Limited and is responsible for providing professional services for various types of property valuations, rating appeals, premium assessments, market research, development feasibility study, land matters and town planning applications.

中原測量師行 聯席董事(估價部) 張世昌先生 | ​專業顧問團隊

Simon S.C. Cheung

B.Sc (Hons) Estate Management

Associate Director (Mortgage Valuation)

Mr Cheung has over 15 years experience of property valuation in Hong Kong. He is responsible for managing the Mortgage Valuation Department, providing various types of property market valuation in Hong Kong, including residential properties, offices, industrial premises, shops, hotels, and etc, to banks and financial institutions. He is well familiar with the local property market.

中原測量師行 專業估價部聯席董事 吳庭琛先生 | ​專業顧問團隊

Samson T.S. Ng

MSc. in Real Estate MRICS

Associate Director (Professional Services)

Mr. Ng has joined Centaline Surveyors Limited since 2005, and was mainly responsible for property valuations and land administration professional services, including valuations for properties of different kinds, rental negotiations, town planning applications, and development analysis & feasibility studies etc. Today, Mr. Ng is the Associate Director of the Valuation Department, mainly responsible for daily operation of the department. 


Since 2006, Mr. Ng focused on developing collective-sales project for old buildings. His duties were to advice the old building owners to set the reserved price, to assist them to determine the proceeds distribution among themselves, and to answer all the technical enquiries during the joint-sales period. Mr. Ng handled over 100 collective-sales project in the past, and has gained extensive experience in conducting collective-sales for old buildings.

中原測量師行 高級經理 (估價部) 黎志威先生 | ​專業顧問團隊

Raymond C.W. Lai

B.Sc Land Management

Senior Manager (Mortgage Valuation)

Mr. Lai has over 25 years experience of property valuation in Hong Kong. Mr. Lai began his valuation career when he joined the mortgage valuation section of Jones Lang Wootton (now know as Jones Lang La Salle) in 1992. He was promoted to Manager of full report section in 1995 and was responsible for the detailed capital and rental valuations throughout the territory. He joined Mansion Surveyors Limited in 1996 and A-plus Surveyors Limited in 2002. He was mainly responsible for various types of property valuations including whole block buildings and old buildings with redevelopment potential.


Currently, Mr. Lai is the Manager of Valuation Department in Centaline Surveyors Limited. He is responsible for managing the Mortgage Valuation Department to provide various types of property market valuation in Hong Kong to banks and financial institutions.

中原測量師行 高級經理 (租務管理) 潘志業先生 | ​專業顧問團隊

Merlin C.Y. Phan

B.Sc (Hons) Business Studies

Senior Manager (Tenancy Management)

Mr. Phan began his career in the property and leasing management field in 2001, and gained his experience from major players in the industry including Hsin Chong Real Estate Management (now known as Synergis Management Services), Henderson Land and Shun Tak Holdings.Prior to joining Centaline Surveyors, he was working for the V Hotels and Serviced Apartments (a chain of boutique hotels and serviced apartment) and responsible for apartments leasing and hotel reservation.


Mr. Phan in now the Senior Manager of Tenancy Management Department, providing tenancy service for individual owners, investors and property developer.

中原測量師行 高級經理 (物業租售) 董秀琼小姐 | ​專業顧問團隊

Joanne S.K. Tung

BA (Hons) in Marketing & Management ; MA in Housing Studies

Senior Manager (Property Investment)

Ms. Tung has over 10 years of experience in real estate agency in Hong Kong, assisting clients in handling property transactions/lease matters, and providing professional advice and analysis to develop investment directions for clients.

中原測量師行 高級經理 (Digital Marketing) 陳韻嘉小姐 | ​專業顧問團隊

Clara W.K. Chan


Senior Manager (Digital Marketing)

Ms. Chan is responsible for developing the marketing strategy that shape the company’s business. Since 2016, she has grown the division into a team that from online/offline marketing, such as leaflet/website design, video production, animation production etc.

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