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Division of Assets following a Divorce

When a marriage ends in divorce, in addition to the emotional and familial breakdown, it becomes necessary to address the equitable division of shared assets and properties. In cases where there are disputes regarding the allocation of marital assets, it may be advisable to enlist the services of a registered surveyor as an expert witness. The surveyor can provide authoritative reports on the market value or rental value of the properties involved and offer testimony in a court of law.

Why is property valuation essential in divorce cases?

Following a divorce, if disagreements arise between the former spouses regarding the division or management of assets, it is common practice to engage a surveyor to conduct a professional valuation. The resulting valuation report provides an impartial and objective assessment, which serves as expert evidence for the court.

Can surveyors perform property valuations for cross-border marriages between China and Hong Kong?

Centaline surveyors have extensive experience in property valuation within both mainland China and Hong Kong. Leveraging the resources of the Centaline Group in these regions, they have a comprehensive understanding of various types of properties in Hong Kong and mainland China. The team has participated in numerous valuation assignments involving properties in both regions in the context of divorce litigation, enabling them to provide professional valuation opinions for cross-border marital dissolutions and family disputes involving China-Hong Kong marriages.

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