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Town Planning & Land Administrative Matters

The restrictive conditions of statutory plans under the scope of Town Planning and lease under the scope of Land Administration will significantly affect the use and use value of the land and its superstructure. The land owners can apply to the Town Planning Board (TPB) or the Lands Department according to the situation, revise or temporarily relax the relevant restrictions, and pay the land premium or other related fees to make the land or property more suitable for use, development and value-adding needs.


However, related applications may involve multiple stages and require the submission of multiple documents and negotiations with the Government, which is usually cumbersome and lengthy. If it involves disputes over the amount of land premium or waiver fees, it may enter into the appeal stage, which is more time-consuming and demands great effort.


With our team's professional knowledge and understanding of relevant laws, regulations and application processes, Centaline Surveyors has provided a wide range of town planning and land administrative services for private institutions and companies over the years to help them efficiently process related applications or appeals processes, including specific contents as follows:

Town Planning Services

  • Submit an Application for Planning Permission (According to Section 16);

  • Submit an Application for Amendments to Permission (According to Section 16A(2));

  • Submit an Application for Amendment of Plan (According to Section 12A);

  • When necessary, apply to the Town Planning Board for review Application (According to Section 17);

  • Assist clients to implement the terms of Planning Permission.

Land Administrative Matters

● Submit an application for Lease Modification

● Submit an application for Temporary Waiver

● Submit an application for Short-Term Tenancy

● Submit an application for Land Exchange

● Provide professional advice and appeal on the amount of land premium or waiver fee approved by the Government

Why Centaline Surveyors Town Planning and Land Administration Services?



We are committed to offering you with comprehensive town planning consultation services. With the help of different professionals, we can assist the client to execute the complex conditions attached to various planning permission applications within a limited time frame. Our team of professional surveyors will negotiate with various professionals and Government officials on behalf of clients to complete and meet planning requirements within a predetermined time frame.


In successful land lease negotiations, it is important to thoroughly understand the government's practices, existing government policies, and lease conditions. Our team of professional surveyors has abundant and reliable experience in handling land administrative matter. We can negotiate with officials of relevant government departments on behalf of clients to provide professional advice on land premiums, waiver fees, and whether to accept or appeal to government’s formal offer.

Town Planning & Land Matters

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