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Tenancy Management

The Centaline Surveyors Tenancy Management Services Team is familiar with the property market environment and has a deep understanding of the local leasing market. It provides the most suitable tenancy management services for local and overseas (immigrant) owners, including management of rental properties, management of rent collection, and issuance of rent receipts on behalf of them. , Renewal of property leases, and resolution of lease disputes. Tenancy management services tailored for long-term investors to achieve the goal of enhancing property value, allowing owners to earn investment returns with peace of mind. In addition, we also provide comprehensive support for the owner, even if the renter is in arrears, we can help to recover the property.

The tenancy management service fee is as low as
3% of the Monthly Rent

Whether the customer is located locally or overseas, our professional tenancy management team can properly manage the customer's property, and regularly report on various matters of the property, and then cooperate with our website. On the online tenancy management system, both the landlord and the tenant can easily grasp every property matters.

Why Centaline Surveyors Tenancy Management Services Team ?


Conflicts between tenant and landlord are inevitable and very often these problems require negotiation. Maintaining a healthy tenant – landlord relation is very important. Centaline Surveyors Tenancy Management Services Team is there to handle leasing problems for the clients including :

  • Rental collection

  • Regular maintenance

  • Tenant searching & selection

  • Resolve any technical problems

  • Lease renewal negotiation

  • Assistance in the recovery possession process#

How we can benefit you :

  • The Centaline Surveyors Tenancy Management Services Team monitors your property portfolio and carry out regular maintenance thus minimizing physical depreciation and we help you achieve a healthy rental growth.

  • When necessary, we offer suggestions to our clients in regards to renovation or modifications that can help the properties to achieve better return in line with the market’s performance.

  • Regular reports will be generated to inform about the latest updates on the market and the performance of rental return and capital growth.

  • Assist owners undertake periodic inspection rental or vacant property. With a reasonable price to complete repair/maintenance works.#

  • Services fee include landlord going to process recovery of possession, save time from handling complicated legal document.#

#Subject to relevant terms and condition. Please contact us for more details.

Tenancy Management Service


T: (852) 2139-6698

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