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Valuation for Immigration / Overseas Tax Filing

For immigration applicants and successful immigrants holding Hong Kong properties, foreign governments may require them to provide property valuation report to prove the market value of the Hong Kong properties they held on a specific date for the following purposes:


  • Immigration application: Certify property ownership and assess the total asset value

  • Overseas tax filing: Assessment of Capital Gains Tax when overseas persons sell their properties in Hong Kong 

  • Purchase of overseas properties (such as purchasing HDB flats in Singapore)


Overseas Government, Consulates, Taxation Department and other institutions accept property valuation report issued by registered valuation surveyors. Since local surveyors are more familiar with the Hong Kong property market, property valuation report issued by qualified local surveyors are much more credible.


The Surveyors of CENTALINE SURVEYORS are corporate members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) and also Registered Professional Surveyors in Hong Kong. They are familiar with the property market in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Since its establishment in 1987, CENTALINE SURVEYORS have provided valuation services to countless immigrants and overseas persons. The property valuation report issued by CENTALAINE SURVEYORS are widely accepted and recognized by the governments, consulates, tax departments and other related institutions of hot countries and regions for immigration such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, United Kingdom, and countries of the European Union etc.

Can The Property Valuation Report Specify The Valuation Date?


After immigration, many clients need to provide a valuation report on a retrospective date to prove the market value of the property on that specific date for the estimation of their total asset value and the amount of tax required to pay, and then submit to the relevant taxation department.


Our professional team can provide valuation services of properties in Hong Kong to clients.


In the process of property valuation, our Surveyors will perform the valuation based on the date provided by the client, no matter it is the current value or the value of a specific date in the past, enabling our clients to file tax returns conveniently or process any overseas documents.

How Can I Collect The Report When I Am Overseas?


After the property valuation report is completed and confirmed by our clients, we will appoint an international courier service provider to deliver it to our clients. Even when our clients are overseas, the valuation report can be delivered to our clients safely and efficiently in just a few days.  

Advantages And Details Of Our Valuation Service


With the aim of being up-to-standard, efficient and client-oriented, we are devoted to providing reliable and affordable valuation services for immigrants and overseas clients. Our services possess the following advantages:


-Inform clients in advance whether the asset requirements are met

Most types of immigration applications have requirements for the applicant’s total assets in meeting a certain standard. We can help clients with immigration needs to assess in advance whether the total value of the properties held can meet the asset requirements, and then carry out formal valuation services afterwards.


-Trace the market value of the property in the past

When applying for immigration or assessing the Capital Gains Tax, immigration or tax-related institutions may require immigrants or overseas persons to provide valuation report on the value of properties held on specific dates in previous years. CENTALINE SURVEYORS are happy to provide property valuation services on specified dates to cope with your requirements.


-Standardized and also Customized report content

Our valuation report follow a standard format and comply with international valuation standards. It covers detailed description of the subject property, title and incumbrance, assessment of market value, location and floor plans, land search, property photos, etc. Specific content can be added to meet the special requirements of each immigration application accordingly.


-Flexible, efficient and transparent valuation process

Generally, it takes about two weeks to issue formal valuation report for immigration applications and overseas tax filing purposes. We can also speed up the relevant processes according to the special requirements of clients, and maintain communication with clients throughout the period to facilitate information exchange and ensure the progress is transparent, and to complete the valuation service efficiently and transparently on time.


-Confirmation of content before issuing the formal report

Before issuing the formal report, we will provide the client or immigration consultant with a draft report for double confirmation to ensure that the report content is accurate and the format meets specific requirements.


-Standard and reasonable professional fee scale

Our valuation service charges will adjust according to the subject property type, the number of valuation dates required and the transaction status of comparable properties etc. Formal quotation will be issued after confirming the property information and valuation needs to ensure that the charges are reasonable and affordable.

Professional Services

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