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Professional Services

Since its establishment in 1987, Centaline Surveyors has been relying on its accumulated expertise and experience in the real estate field of Hong Kong, to act as a professional consultant or agent for answering and handling land or property development related matters for many local and mainland clients in Hong Kong. We help clients accurately grasp the market prospects and development potential of the relevant property or land, and promptly clarify and relax the relevant development restrictions to maximize benefits for clients.

We provide the following types of services:

  1. Feasibility study on property or land development

  2. Town planning and land administrative matters

  3. Application for Revitalization of Industrial Buildings

  4. Merger and acquisition of old buildings

Why choose the professional consultant service of Centaline Surveyors?


-Experience accumulated in property valuation services

Most property or land development affairs or related approvals, such as determining the feasibility of development or applying for lease modification, involve estimating the changes in the value of the property or land. We are well-experienced in the field of property valuation and are expertise at giving reasonable and accurate valuation of the existing use value, redevelopment value, revitalization value, etc. of properties or land, helping our clients to plan their investment expectations reasonably, and maximize benefits when negotiating land premium, waiver fees, acquisition price of old buildings etc.


-In-depth study of relevant Ordinances and procedures

We are familiar with and have in-depth study of Hong Kong’s policies and procedures of town planning and land administrative matters, and pay attention to the latest policy changes. Acting as our client’s representative, we can process applications and appeals of planning and land administrative matters more efficiently, and negotiate and communicate with the Government, helping clients relieve from all the cumbersome policies and regulations interpretation and communication procedures throughout the process.


-Familiar with the market environment

Relying on Centaline Group's leading market share in Hong Kong, the advantages of real estate market information resources and the accumulated experience of the experienced team in the Hong Kong market for over 30 years, our analysis of the property market is more comprehensive, reliable and forward-looking. We can provide clients with more market information and make in-depth and detailed analysis to help clients accurately grasp the latest market environment and needs, and thus make reasonable investment decisions.

Professional Services

T: (852) 2139-6622

F: (852) 2139-6636

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