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Feasibility Studies for Property or Land Development

Being one of the leading real estate consultancies in Hong Kong established with a team of professional surveyors with unique knowledge and experience in all property and land types, we offer advisory services on land development for developers, market participants and private landlords.


The feasibility studies of property or land development we provide mainly involves the following aspects:


1. The 3-tiers development restrictions of the property or land including town planning (statutory plan), land (government lease) and Building  (Planning) Regulations are integrated into an overall development restriction report covering various aspects such as use, height, area, plot ratio, etc.;


2. Where appropriate, consider the possibility of planning application or lease modification for the subject property or land;


3. Under the known development constraints, analyse the market value of various types of properties, similar properties or land development strategies and market performance, regional population/commercial characteristics and development prospects, etc. to assess the feasibility of development and determine the better development options or optimal development scheme;


4. Under specific needs, estimate the development cost and expected return under the optimal development scheme quantitatively, and make a quantitative reference for the financial feasibility of the project.


Clients can choose the research services according to their specific needs and project phases. We are committed to provide clients with real-time market status and development potential analysis, and pay attention to the latest town planning policies and procedures and market needs, enabling us to make a comprehensive, detailed, and time-sensitive analysis, and provide written reports or/and conference explanations to the clients to present our research results.


After completing the studies, Centaline Surveyors can also help clients with the relevant application procedures. Please refer to “Town Planning And Land Administration Services”.

Feasibility Studies for Property

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