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Tenant Representation Service

​When Tenants move to a new place, one may go through a lot of non-trivial process in terms of logistics to get out and get settled in.


Considerable time and cost are involved for home-searching, negotiation for tenancy terms and arrangement for decoration, etc.


Even during tenancy terms, more issues may arise if the tenant travels abroad frequently but dealing with tenancy disputes and property-related expenses.

With our professional Tenant Representation Service, the tenant could enjoy peace and comfort without any bother.

Why Choose “Centaline Tenant Representation Service”

Centaline Surveyors Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Centaline Group. Our thorough understanding of the local property market earns us a strong reputation in property valuations and tenancy management services. With our accumulated expertise, we are committed to providing tenants with professional Tenant Representation Service for all property sectors, providing the tenant with comprehensive support in coordination of the relocation period.

What kind of person is suitable for applying for Tenant Representation Service?

Regardless of whether you have migrated to Hong Kong or participated in the Talent Scheme (Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)), Professional Input Scheme (Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professional (ASMTP)) or High-end Talent Scheme (Top Talent Pass Scheme (TTPS)), as long as you need a professional butler to handle various issues related to Hong Kong properties, you can apply for Tenant Representation Service.


Tenancy Management

  • Provide Short Term Accommodation Searching Services

  • Provide Property Searching Services

  • Negotiate Tenancy Terms

  • Prepare Leasing Documents and Registration

  • Review Rent and Negotiate Lease Renewal

  • Handle Tenancy Disputes


Move Management

  • Coordinate of Household Goods Clearance and Delivery

  • Handle utilities accounts on behalf of your good self (e.g. water, electricity)

  • Apply residential cards, club house membership, carpark permit (if any)

  • Apply Home Insurance

  • Takeover and Handover of the Premises

  • Coordinate of Decoration and Renovation


Repair and Maintenance

  • Arrange Maintenance Inspection

  • Obtain Quotations, Appoint and Supervise Contractors

  • Arrange and Monitor Repair Works

  • Liaise with Government Departments, Landlord & Building Management 


Account Management

  • Arrange Payment of Rental and Utilities Expense

  • Issue Monthly Statements and Reports

  • Online System


Secretarial Services

  • Arrange Home Cleaning Services, Pest Control Services and Maid Services

Tenant Representation Service

Tenancy Management Service


T: (852) 2139-6698

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