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Rental Assessment

Real-time and detailed market information are crucial to credible rental assessment. As a subsidiary of CENTALINE GROUP, CENTALINE SURVEYORS knows well about the latest and most comprehensive rental transaction data in the market, thus possesses great advantage in the field of local rental valuation. For more than 20 years, we have conducted rental assessments for various types of local properties, including residential, retail, office, industrial, agricultural and village houses. We have accumulated vast professional knowledge and experience, and have won trust from our clients.


Our service scope usually includes:


New tenancy valuation

When a property starts a new tenancy, vendor and tenant may not be able to determine the rental level by themselves due to lack of relevant experience and inability to obtain market rent transaction information. We can accurately assess the rent for our clients, with an aim to maintain a good balance between reasonable returns and affordable levels, thus helping our clients negotiate the ideal lease. Comparing with other individuals or organizations, our professional background is more credible, and the valuation report issued can be used as a reliable reference in the negotiation process of our clients.


Tenancy renewal revaluation

Fluctuations in the property rental market prices are common in recent years. In the process of tenancy renewal, both the vendor and the tenant may have disputes due to different expectation on the rental level. We can act as a credible independent consultant to help both the vendor and tenant to determine the rent level for renewal. With rich experience in leasing and sufficient market data support, we have helped countless clients to successfully resolve related disputes over the years.



Valuation for leasing-related legal and litigation purposes

Regarding the valuation for leasing-related legal and litigation purposes, we can act as expert witnesses to issue relevant valuation report, assess the rental income within a specified period of time or the rental loss caused by various factors, and also attend court hearing if necessary. We attach importance to communication and efficiency, and uphold a professional attitude to ensure that the valuation results are rigorous and credible, with an aim to facilitate the progress of relevant legal procedures. Details of the service can also be found in the Valuation for Court Proceeding and Litigation Purposes.





Transacted comparable cases applied in property valuation usually rely on the registered transaction data in the Land Registry. However, due to the limited number of rental transactions formally registered in Hong Kong, the registered transactions that can be used for rental valuation is often incomplete. Relying on the leading position of CENTALINE GROUP in the local rental market, CENTALINE SURVEYORS can obtain timely and detailed market information. No matter for large residential developments, retail shops in Central Business District, or remote or rare properties with relatively scarce comparable information, our comprehensive internal rental transaction information provides clients with timely and credible rental assessment results.

Professional Services

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