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Formation of Owners Corporation

Many private buildings in the urban area lack the management of property management companies. When encountering disputes between owners, government building department, fire department and other orders, the effective method is to establish an owners' corporation in accordance with the Building Management Ordinance (Cap. 344). .

Due to the complicated procedures for setting up an Owners Corporation, Centaline Surveyors can provide the following services to assist the owners.





  • Liaise with owners, Home Affairs Department, Land Registry and related organizations;

  • Preparing the venue for the owners' meeting;

  • Forms to prepare a meeting of owners;

  • Check deeds of buildings, land register;

  • Drafting and issuing notices for convening owners' meetings, appointment documents;

  • Assist in the collection and confirmation of instruments of appointment;

  • Assistance in recording attendance at the owners and determining that the meeting of owners meets the quorum;

  • Assist in presiding the owners meeting and recording the voting results and resolutions passed;

  • Assistance in applying to the Land Registry for registration as a corporation;

Additional Service


  • Assistance in applying for a certificate of exemption from title search fees to the Home Affairs Department;

  • Assist in applying to the URA for funding for the establishment of owners' corporations;

Other Service

  • Authorized Convener of Owners' Meeting #

  • Authorized to appoint representatives to attend and vote on behalf of owners;

  • Authorized to be a member of the Management Committee #;

  • Appointed Secretary or Treasurer of the Board

# Limited company holds property

* Within 100 units, more than 100 units will be discussed separately


Tenancy Management Service


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