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Good Tenants Scheme

It is difficult for landlords to identify a good tenant, as they could only rely on limited information such as employment record or income proof during tenant screening. Sometimes the tenants may refuse to provide such information due to privacy. It makes the tenant screening more difficult.



Although some organizations have established some database of “bad tenants”, it can only minimize the risk of encountering bad tenants. Centaline Surveyors believes that we should manage the issues in a positive way. Therefore, Centaline Surveyors offer certificate to tenants who completed satisfactory tenancy under our managed properties.



The similar practice is common in western countries where tenants request their landlord to provide a letter of referral, proving on punctual rent payment, no violation of the lease or received any complaints. Centaline Surveyors hopes this practice will become a new trend in the industry, so that the owners can select tenant easier, also encourage tenants to fulfill the lease liability.

Q & A

Q: How to apply for a certificate?


A: Centaline Surveyors will check against relevant record and issue with the certificate accordingly. The tenants will not require to submit an application.




Q: Can the tenants apply, if they are not under Centaline Surveyors managed properties?


A: We are unable to provide certification, as we do not have those tenants payment information.





Q: Will any rental payment history be accesibly by other landlords?


A: For privacy reasons, we will not provide the information to others without consent.

Disclaimer: The Company will issue a certificate to all of the qualified tenants. The Company reserves the right to disqualify any breach, violation or failure to comply with any rule of law. Disqualified tenants will not be awarded any certificates. The Company will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage which suffered or incurred due to use or misuse of this certificate. Centaline Surveyors has the right to amend, update and final interpretation of the certificate. The content of this scheme is subject to terms and conditions set forth by the company. The company reserves the rights to amend the content without advance notice.


Tenancy Management Service


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