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Window Inspection Service

The Tenancy Management team of Centaline Surveyors has launched a window inspection service to conduct window inspections and provide reports for customers. Whether you need to complete the mandatory window inspection plan, or the window components are damaged, we complete the window inspection procedure within the time limit. 

Window inspection service includes:

1. check whether the glass panels are torn or cracked;

2. check whether the window frame is deformed, unstable and difficult to open and close;

3. check whether the window hinges are deformed or missing, and whether there is serious rust;

4. check whether the rivets and screws are loose or missing, and whether there is gray-white powder or rust.

驗窗服務 中原測量師行租務管理

What is Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme?

Under the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS), owners of buildings aged 10 years or above (except domestic buildings not exceeding 3 storeys) and served with statutory notices are required to appoint a Qualified Person (QP) to carry out the prescribed inspection and supervise the prescribed repair works found necessary of all windows of the building.Where a prescribed repair is required, the owners concerned must appoint a registered contractor to carry out the prescribed repair under the supervision of a QP.

Why choosing my property for window inspection?

Target buildings are selected each year for implementation of MWIS. A selection panel comprising representatives from professional institutions, non-government organisations, property management professionals, District Councils and relevant Government departments is established to render advice to the BD for the selection of target buildings for MWIS. Higher priority may be given to those buildings with windows in a generally defective or dilapidated state, posing relatively higher potential risk to the public.

When do I need a window inspection after receiving the window inspection notice?

If you receive a window inspection notice issued by the Buildings Department, you must pay attention to the window inspection period. For the windows of individual units, a qualified person needs to be appointed within 6 months from the date of notification to complete the prescribed inspection and the prescribed repair. As for windows in common parts of buildings, including glass shutters and windows of common staircases, the prescribed inspections and prescribed repairs are required to be completed within 9 months from the date of notification.

What are the consequences of not complying with the mandatory window inspection requirements?

Owners/owners corporations that fail to comply with the statutory notice of mandatory window inspection may be prosecuted. The Buildings Department may also arrange for its appointed consultants and contractors to carry out the required inspection and repair works, and then recover the inspection and repair work fees and supervision fees from the owner/OC, and charge not more than 20% of the relevant fees surcharge.

Who is Qualified for Window Inspection?

Under the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme, a competent person appointed to carry out prescribed inspections of windows or supervise prescribed repairs must be persons whose names are then on any of the following registers maintained by the Building Authority:


  1. Authorized Person;

  2. Registered Structural Engineer;

  3. Registered inspectors;

  4. Registered general building contractor;

  5. Registered minor works contractor for the class, type and item of minor works related to windows.

Tenancy Management Service


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