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Legal Proceeding And Litigation Purposes Valuation

In litigation cases involving property disputes and compensation, registered surveyors may be required to act as expert witnesses to submit expert reports or attend court hearing to offer advice on the market value or rent of the property.


The professional surveyor team of CENTALINE SURVEYORS provides expert witness valuation services for various litigation cases, and possesses extensive experiences in the following types of valuation for legal proceeding purposes:


  • Distribution of estate of the deceased

  • Rental disputes

  • Bankruptcy/Company liquidation


Our experienced surveyors are corporate members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS) and are Registered Professional Surveyors in Hong Kong. We are being trusted by many law firms over the years and often act as expert witnesses issuing expert reports for various litigation cases. Being well-experienced in related fields, our specific works include:


  •  As a single jointly-appointed expert witness

Submit expert reports and attend court hearing whenever necessary


  •  As an expert witness appointed by one party

-Submit expert reports and attend court hearing whenever necessary

-Under the direction of the Court, hold an expert meeting with the other side surveyor and submit a joint statement to the Court

-If necessary, submit a supplementary valuation report after submitting the joint statement.






-Abide by independent and impartial obligations

We understand the Code Of Conduct of expert witnesses and know that expert witnesses have the paramount and overriding duty to the Court, and strictly abide by the obligations of impartiality and independence of expert witnesses, maintain an objective and neutral attitude, and provide professional advice to the Court.


-Well-Experienced and efficient work flow

As a single jointly-appointed expert witness, we pay special attention to information sharing and timely communication with all parties. With the positioning of an independent third party, we help all parties to resolve their doubts impartially and achieve a transparent and efficient workflow. Possessing rich experience in submitting joint expert reports, we are good at clarifying and handling disputes with professional analysis and data support.


-Adhering to professional attitude, our report content is accurate and credible

In the course of our valuation, we maintain a meticulous, comprehensive and professional attitude, following relevant valuation standards, and attach importance to data support and comprehensive analysis. Making use of our professional knowledge and skills in the field of property valuation, we ensure that the valuation process and results are professional, reliable and objective, and ensure our expert advices are potent.


For the valuation work for legal proceeding purposes, apart from providing the basic information and description of the subject property, title and incumbrances and final valuation, our valuation report will also list out the valuation method, market transaction information for comparison, adjustment items,  considerations and assumptions about specific factors and other related content, making our expert report comprehensive and credible.


-Possessing more resources for rental valuation and market analysis

For valuation cases involving rental disputes, due to the fact that the actual registered leasing transactions in Hong Kong are scarce and the registration of rental agreement is incomplete, the registered transactions of Land Registries that can be used for rent valuation are often limited. Relying on the advantage of CENTALINE GROUP's large share in the agency industry in Hong Kong, we can often grasp more comprehensive internal rental transaction information for general residential properties, as well as village type houses and properties in remote areas, thus we can carry out more objective and credible rent assessments .


-Understand the Mainland China and Hong Kong property market, familiar with property valuation in both regions

Relying on the years of experience in property valuation in the Mainland and Hong Kong accumulated by the surveyors team and also the resource advantages of Centaline Group across Mainland and Hong Kong, we are familiar with various types of properties located in both Hong Kong and Mainland China at the same time, and have undertaken valuation work for litigation cases involving property assets in both regions. We are able to provide professional valuation advice for divorce proceedings cases of cross-border marriage and family disputes.

Professional Services

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