Town Planning

Centaline Surveyors provides a wide range of real estate consultancy services, including town planning consultation services, to our clients from public and private sectors.  We represent clients to prepare and submit planning applications for various purposes and raise appeals to the Town Planning Board.  Our services include:


Application for various change of uses to the Town Planning Board under Section 16 of Town anning Ordinance (Cap.131);

Application for amendments of the statutory Outline Zoning Plan under Section 12A of Town Planning Ordinance (Cap.131);

Application for a review of a planning decision by the Town Planning Board wherever necessary (Section 17 of the Town Planning Ordinance);

Assist clients to comply with planning conditions imposed on the approved planning permission.

Why Centaline Surveyors Town Planning Services?



We offer comprehensive consultancy services on town planning matters.  Time is essence for compliance of planning conditions which is complex and shall involve different professionals.  Our professional team of surveyors is committed to represent client to liaise with government officials and other professionals to comply with the planning conditions within scheduled time frame.

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