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Property Inspection

The Tenancy Management team of Centaline Surveyors has launched a first-hand building inspection service, providing a first-hand building inspection report with pictures and text. Defects of the unit will be listed immediately, and the report will help customers follow up the defects rectification in the future.


Our inspectors are the members of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Building Inspection. They have professional knowledge and relevant experience.

​Why do new properties need inspection services?

New properties inspection procedure is very important because developers usually provide maintenance services. When the buyer issues the occupancy certificate, he can conduct a building inspection during the building inspection period. After the building inspection, the problem is reported, and the developer will enforce the omission, and then the buyer can inspect it again.

Property Inspection Area:

  • Living and dining room

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathroom 

  • Kitchen

  • Terraces, Work platforms, Windowsills

  • Store room, Maid room

一手驗樓服務 中原測量師行 驗樓

Inspection Method:

  • ​Visual inspection

  • High Resolution Infrared Scanning

  • Professional pick and hammer test (hollow brick test)

  • High Sensitivity Humidity Detector Test

  • Professional water test

  • Photo record

  • Professional report

  • Practice list

一手驗樓服務 中原測量師行

Inspection Tools:

平水尺 一手驗樓服務 中原測量師行.png

Spirit level

電子金屬探測器 一手驗樓服務 中原測量師行.jpg

Metal Detector

角尺 一手驗樓服務 中原測量師行.jpg

Steel square

鏡 一手驗樓服務 中原測量師行.jpg


紅外線熱像儀 一手驗樓服務 中原測量師行.jpg

Infrared thermography

測濕機 一手驗樓服務 中原測量師行.jpg

Moisture meter

空洞檢查棒 一手驗樓服務 中原測量師行.jpg



  • Reservation (provide basic building information, such as inspection address and square footage, etc.)

  • The customer service team will issue a quotation, detailing the scope of services, inspection items, and building inspection dates

  • The building inspector will bring the necessary utensils to the scene to conduct the building inspection

  • The report will be submitted within 3 days after the completion of the building inspection service

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