Tenancy Management

With more than 20 years of experience, our services expand beyond investment analysis and procurement of properties, but also other aspects such as tenancy management and portfolio evaluations.



Our thorough understanding of the local property market earns us a strong reputation in property valuations and tenancy management services. With our accumulated expertise, we are committed to providing landlords with professional Tenancy Management Services for all property sectors. Furthermore, if the tenant defaults on rental payments, we would provide the landlord with comprehensive support for recovering overdue rent or possession.



Being in the front line of the business enables us to be very sensitive to know what the market demands and how our managed properties compares with others. Centaline Surveyors Tenancy Management Services Team (TMS) focuses on managing and maximizing the rental return of our clients’ procured properties.




How we can benefit you :


  • The Centaline Surveyors Tenancy Management Services Team monitors your property portfolio and carry out regular maintenance thus minimizing physical depreciation and we help you achieve a healthy rental growth.

  • When necessary, we offer suggestions to our clients in regards to renovation or modifications that can help the properties to achieve better return in line with the market’s performance.

  • Regular reports will be generated to inform about the latest updates on the market and the performance of rental return and capital growth.




Why Centaline Surveyors Tenancy Management Services Team ?



Conflicts between tenant and landlord are inevitable and very often these problems require negotiation. Maintaining a healthy tenant – landlord relation is very important. Centaline Surveyors Tenancy Management Services Team is there to handle leasing problems for the clients including :



  1. Tenant searching & selection

  2. Lease renewal negotiation

  3. Rental collection

  4. Assistance in the recovery possession process

  5. Extensive knowledge and resources to resolve any technical and contractual problems efficiently.

Tenancy Management Service

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