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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

Q. What is the use of property valuation report?

A. Property valuation report can be used for different purposes, including immigration, tax declaration, accounting, court proceedings, sales reference, etc. The surveyor will decide on the report format to write the report according to different purposes.

Q. What types of properties can be valuated?

A. Residential, village house, office building, factory, farmland, parking space, exterior wall, whole property, land, etc. can be assessed

Q. Can a haunted house be valuated?

A. Haunted homes can generally be valuated. The surveyor will conduct analysis and valuation according to the severity of the accident, or the period of the accident, and with reference to the transaction of similar haunted properties.

Q.Why I need a property valuation report when immigrating overseas?

A. After immigrating overseas, foreign governments may need to calculate capital gains tax. In many cases, customers will value their unsold properties in Hong Kong before immigrating to facilitate the calculation of capital gains tax after selling the property in the future.

Q. Can a property valuation report specify a valuation date?

A. When a client request for a property valuation report, the valuation date must be specified. The valuation date can be dated back to any date after the completion of the property, but not later than the report writing date.

Q. What kind of information is needed for Property Valuation?

A. Generally, the client must provide the address of the property to be assessed, the purpose of the report and the date of the assessment. If the property is leased, the client also needs to provide the rental information such as the unit's rent and lease terms.


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