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Valuation for Taxation & Stamp Duty Appeal

We do provide professional Valuation Report for individual or company clients for submission to Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Department or any overseas taxation institutions for accounting, taxation or any other purposes.

Regarding to the Stamp Duty in Hong Kong, the amount mostly depends on the transaction price of the property. However, relevant government department has the absolute authority to re-assess the market value of the property to determine the stamp duty payment amount. If the tax payer wishes to appeal for such valuation, he should appoint independent surveyor for the assessment.

In addition, overseas immigrants may need to report to their government and pay the corresponding capital gain tax for the sold or to-be-sold properties in Hong Kong. Our Valuation Team includes international registered surveyors who are absolutely able to provide assessment report meeting necessary requirements for the said capital gain tax purposes.

Professional Services

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物業估價服務 Valuation
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