We offer solutions to owners that are troubled by repair and rectification works which are subjected to government inspection and compliance. Leverage on our professional team of surveyors and tenancy managers that have the expertise to ensure such rectification processes will cause minimum trouble to you, the landlord / owner.  Our professional management will check for safety risks ,especially from units that are vacant which might include risks such as:


  • Aged water pipes

  • Broken windows due to typhoon

  • Electrical Leakage due to poor wiring.


All these problems may bring about an unexpected hazard. In response of actual situation, we provide cost effective solutions to you, the landlord / owner and make the necessary arrangements with appropriate specialist for inspection and repair .


Services for Repair and Maintenance


  • Undertake Periodic Inspection and Repair Oversight

  • Liaise with Government Departments on Building Orders

  • Obtain Quotations, Appoint and Supervise Contractors


Please contact us on (852) 2139 6698 or email tenancy@mail.centanet.com to obtain more information about our Tenancy Management Services !