Tenancy Management  
Tenancy Management Monthly Rental

HK$18,000 or below



Above HK$50,001

Vacant Property


approx. 3-5% (Subject to availability)

  Property Leasing  
Property Leasing Leasing and Tenant Search Coordination
Lease Renewal One-time fee charged for lease renewal
  Repair & Maintenance  
Project Co-ordination Applied for repair and maintenance work exceed contract sum at HK$100,000
  Administrative Service  
Assist in the Recovery of Possession Process To provide administrative support for an application to the Lands Tribunal for the recovery of possession HK$4,000 up


The service charge is also subject to the property location / age / condition etc. Centaline Surveyors Limited reserves the right to change or amend any of the above service charges from time to time. In case of any disputes, Centaline Surveyors Limited reserves the right of final decision.