Professional Services / Land Advisory Services

Both local and global entities rely on Centaline Surveyors for timely, accurate and cost effective property valuations and other professional services in Hong Kong, China and Macau. Our approach to the individual needs of each client, whether listed company, private corporation, property developer, investor, solicitor, accountant, government department or private individual, is with a long-term relationship in view.

To cope with the ever changing property market and meet the client’s needs, Centaline Surveyors offer Land Advisory Services to client by providing feasibility studies, town planning applications, waiver applications, lease modification applications, etc.


Mortgage Valuations

Our property valuation services are complemented by a large professional staff and extensive database. Daily property transactions are inputted to an integrated database and this information is available to our valuation team long before it becomes public knowledge through the Land Registry or other sources. Indeed, only though availability of this strategic information is it possible to issue the industry’s economic snapshot of the market (Centa-City Leading Index or CCLI). At Centaline Surveyors, we view it as our mission to make certain that you can make informed lending decisions by benefiting from the most accurate price indications possible.



Collective & En-Bloc Sales / Mergers & Acquisitions

Our clients trust us with singular units as well as collective multiple units. Not every agency is made equal. The strong faith in our Centaline brand and marketing capabilities allow us to extend our value into some of the largest projects in Hong Kong. We have extensive experience helping owners conduct collective-sale projects.




Tenancy Management

Whether residential, office, retail or commercial, if you own rental property, we give you the opportunity to maximize returns while reducing the need to manage day-to-day tenancy affairs.  Our tenancy management team has systems and industry networks in place to mark possible a higher return on investment.  This is done primarily through rental rate maximization, the selection of quality tenants, as well as maintainance and repair vigilance. Also, because of our advance knowledge of provisional and final transaction data, we can regularly provide up-to-date property market reports, forecasts and verbal valuations to assist you in your leasing, buying or selling strategies.



Property Advisory / Corporate Client Services

Our clients come from all industry sectors and from across the globe.  However, they share the same objectives when it comes to property investments: capturing capital appreciation and income yield opportunities and achieving peace of mind.  Centaline Surveyors provide the project coordination services, which manage all the property investment issues and overlook the entire process of real estate investment.

Benefiting from the strong support from large services teams in Centaline Group, dedicated industry professionals, extensive databases and the largest real estate branch network on market, Centaline Surveyors is one of the industry leaders in providing real estate investment management services.